The popularity of Pokemon Sword and Shield also allows players to enter this 20-year-old game again. The new Pokemon was introduced, the new raid function and the new Gigantamaxing function became a new attraction.

Shiny 6IV Pokemon is a Pokemon with shiny attributes and 6IV attributes. Shiny Pokemon is already rare, and the 6IV data is even more difficult. Of course, the difference is that one is the appearance, and the other is its own basic attributes.

6IV is the statistical data of the birth of Pokémon and is called Individual Values. It has 6 numerical categories, each of which ranges from 1-31. It represents Pokémon statistics (HP, attack, speed, etc.). The IV value is representative of talent. For example, a Pokémon with a large speed IV will be faster than a speed of the same level with a small IV value. The ability to cause damage is also stronger.

However, the IV value of the pokemon captured in the wild is completely random, so it is difficult to get a Pokémon with a high IV value.

The common way to get it is to participate in Max Raids to get high IV Pokémon. The greater the difficulty, the more perfect you can get the Pokémon IV. The Pokémon with IV can pass the IV of Pokémon to their children through intravenous injection. Of course, you need to go to the NPC in the Hammerlock Pokemon Center to purchase the corresponding items.

By upgrading Pokémon to level 100 and defeating Leon in the league, you will also get a Bottle Bottle Cap, which can greatly increase one of the IV data of pokemon, even reaching the highest level of 31. But this is very difficult.

The easiest way is definitely through spending money. Players who have experienced Buy Shiny Pokemon must understand. It is very simple to buy a Shiny 6IV Pokemon from a merchant by paying a certain fee. This is a very good method for players who don't want to fight hard.