The Animal Crossing and Build-A-Bear Workshop collaboration's almost here. For many fans, the Build-A-Bear partnership is usually a match stated in heaven, since the AC series' cast of adorable, fuzzy villagers lends itself perfectly for the plush treatment. That said, there are a few Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers more worthy of stuffed stardom than the others.

It's simple to pick out Animal Crossing characters great for Build-A-Bear adaptions, and it is equally readily accessible to a few ACNH Bells on the other side of the spectrum - characters that ought to never be converted to Build-A-Bear plushies. This list is designed for those unfortunate creatures.

The argument might be made that each and every Animal Crossing villager is cute in her own way, but Truffles the pig certainly makes that the tough sell. Truffles' advantages for being excluded on the Build-A-Bear collection are typically surface-level, though the poor pig just has a lot of factors working against her to ever be converted to a high-quality plushie.

Coco is indeed a popular villager in New Horizons, but this does not mean that she will be considered a good Build-A-Bear. It's possible she's used to looking like a chocolate rabbit, which may explain her name. No matter her origins, there is not no denying her expressionless face can become a bit unsettling.

Lyle the otter is surely an insurance salesman, which might dock him points in likeability for a lot of players. And they Buy ACNH Bells to get Lyle. He almost perfectly embodies the middle-aged insurance salesman persona, too - just in otter form. While nothing is necessarily wrong with that, it likely wouldn't lead to the best-stuffed toy, as they lack the cuteness and charm a lot of his AC peers possess.

As of now, Lyle remains to be missing from New Horizons, which shows Nintendo may not have any plans for him, moving forward. Lyle is usually a unique character inside the Animal Crossing universe, and the husband fills his role well, but however, be an unusual addition with a Build-A-Bear collection.