In this electric scooter buying guide, we are going to explain the differences between each type of electric scooter, its components, and particularities and thus help you choose the best electric scooter that suits your needs.
The battery is one of the key elements to take into account when buying an electric scooter.
Regardless of the material in which the batteries of electric scooters are made, you have to understand some concepts to know what characteristics interest us the most.
The motor is, obviously, in charge of driving our electric scooter. There are several types of electric scooter motors.
First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between brush motors (Brush Motors) and brushless motors (Brushless Motors). To sum it up, brushless motors are much more efficient, since there are no parts in contact, they have less maintenance and their reliability is higher. Today almost all electric scooters are equipped with brushless or brushless motors.
The power of the motor is determined in Watts and in theory, the more Watts the more power the motor will have. But as we have seen before, the final power of an electric scooter is given by the combination of battery and motor and not just motor.
Electric scooters can reach very high speeds. That is why another key element to take into account is the braking system that equips the electric scooter that we want to buy. Electric scooters can equip one or more than one at a time with the following braking systems:
Electric scooters, depending on their price, use, and design, can be equipped with different types of wheels.
Regarding the diameter of the wheels, depending on the design and type of use of the electric scooter, they can vary. Normally in compact and light scooters, they are usually smaller in diameter than the wheels of urban or all-terrain electric scooters. This is how you get a more portable and lightweight scooter.
As a general rule, the larger the wheel diameter, the better the terrain imperfections will be absorbed, and the higher the speed can be achieved.
In most electric scooters there is a display or information screen to be informed of data such as available battery charge, kilometers travelled, instantaneous speed, etc. Therefore, it is an important element to take into account when buying an electric scooter.
Not all electric scooters have suspensions. This element, everything and not being essential, will make driving the scooter more comfortable and stable.
The chassis of an electric scooter is the element that keeps everything together in place and that will guarantee the robustness of the set. There are many types and designs and it is not something that we have to pay much attention to since it does not make the difference between one electric scooter or another.
The handlebar allows us to direct the electric scooter where we are interested. Here we only have to look at whether it is adjustable in height and the quality of the cuffs. A fixed-height handlebar, depending on our height, can be uncomfortable when controlling the electric scooter. As for the cuffs, some foam ones may seem more comfortable at first, but they will last less and we will have less touch than rubber ones, so it is more advisable to have the latter. Check Here: Sealup Electric Scooter
This is one of the elements that are less important, but it is crucial especially when driving at night. Sometimes we think that we will only use our electric scooter during the day, but as it is a means of urban transport, we must bear in mind that in winter it gets dark early or that in the early morning we will often use it before the sun rises. We have to look then that it has front and rear lights and, if possible, brake lights. In short, any security element will be well received.
Start-up and commissioning
Most electric scooters have a start button. Now, in some higher-end models, we have an ignition key like some motorcycles or cars carry. This is an extra security element so that nobody can take our electric scooter in a mistake.
On the other hand, some low or mid-range scooters have to be helped in the first start. That is, if they are completely stopped, we have to give them a push so that they start moving (such as Xiaomi scooters). It is not a bad thing in itself, but it is not something comfortable either.
Apps and connectivity
Some electric scooters have specific Apps from the manufacturer to be able to connect a Smartphone via Bluetooth to the electric scooter. This can allow us to control consumption, kilometers travelled, battery status or even enable an anti-theft mode that warns us if the scooter starts or moves without our consent. It is not essential, obviously, but it is an added value.
Other aspects to take into account and that we believe are very important when buying an electric scooter is to ensure that the brand has original spare parts and accessories in our country. An electric scooter, being a vehicle that in principle we will use daily and that has a certain complexity, is prone to wear out some of its parts with use. It would not be the first time that someone, after having bought an electric scooter in a Chinese store, has to stop using it due to the impossibility of finding a replacement for something as basic as a charger.
It is also good to have accessories to improve our scooter such as a seat, luggage rack, extra displays, etc.
Buy electric scooters
This guide aims to guide you when buying an electric scooter. In any case, nothing can replace the advice of a qualified technician like the ones we have in our Inertia store. Whether you come to our electric scooter store in Barcelona or if you want to place an order online, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and, also, give you the peace of mind of having a team of professionals who will help you throughout the life of your electric scooter, either with basic maintenance such as making repairs or adding accessories.