Because of the various environmental concerns, threats and concerns, many buyers, and homeowners, in the present, are becoming more and more concerned about diverse aspects, commonly described as green real estate shops for sale in Islamabad. There are many aspects, and variations, as well as levels in terms of the greeningindividuals are attracted to. Some (however only a small percentage) are truly environmentalists and would like their homes to display their concern and sensitivity to this crucial matter. Others simply want to do it in a more balanced way and are looking to incorporate some green elements. This post will be a brief one. It will discuss generally speaking, 6 aspects to make your home a more sustainable one.

1. Windows and doors:Obviously, energy conservation is a major environmental concern. It is often discussed the carbon footprint of a business but, in reality some homes are more energy - efficient than others. When were your windows updated and/or replaced and how efficient are they? Do they keep out most of the cold, in the wintermonths, and reduce the amount of heat which can enter your home in the most hot temperatures? What are the materials your windows and doors, made of? Are your doors leaking? Start by having someone perform an energy audit and check the extent to which you're losing heat because of inefficiencies. Doors can be made more efficient, by having them re - hung, and putting an appropriate, well-installed, sweep to the bottom on the bottom of your door. What is the amount of money and energy are you wasting?

2. Solar, geo - thermal, etc.Some houses are candidates for solar panels, whereas others aren't! Which direction is your roof facing? Are there trees of a large size blocking your roof? How many hours per day of sun does your roof, experience? Do you think you've had the home assessed to determine if you could be a great candidate for geo-thermal? It is usually the evaluation of your home's pitch or location, as well as design.

3. Energy - efficient boilers and burners, as well as air conditioners:When was the last energy efficiency evaluation, you've performed? How old is your burner/ boiler, and how efficient is it? What kind of air conditioner is yours? And what is the efficiency rating? Efficiency Rating?

4. Roof:Light Roofs that are colored reflect heat while darker ones, absorb it. So, wouldn't it make sense, that warmer climates should be using lighter ones, and colder ones, darker? What is the material being utilized? Does it work? Is it effective, efficient and secure? How old is your roof?

5. InsulationWhat do you think of the insulation's rating? And how well insulated is your home? Have the walls (especially the ones that face outside) assessed for effectiveness? Older houses tend not to have updated insulation, or could be made of lesser-than-safe materials. The idea of preventing makes lots of sense!

6. MaterialsAre you using safe environmentally sustainable materials at home? This is generally more relevant when you live in newer homes or extension, however, should you be concerned about the environment, you should consider the sustainability, safety and environmental impact of your home!

There are many environmental issues to consider. If you're really passionate about the environment or simply desire to be more responsible and save money (and be more secure) It is sensible to consider going about being green!