If you visit Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island, you might find that the recent situation looks more peculiar. The update in mid-March added more design slots and provided more game space for your game. 

The game professional builders and crafters community are satisfied with this. Now, the community has come up with some techniques, like using parasols to imitate 3D cubes, or using other variant slots throughout the path, they could take the beauty in the island to a different level.

Most New Horizons players need these design slots. Unlike the bells or furniture that hardcore devotees have collected, custom designs supply a whole new higher-level customization and influence. The community exists merely to create designs for dresses, flooring, wall panels, etc. The problem for players is simply because only have 50 slots, and all of the designs are covered. If you need bells, you can Buy ACNH Bells through the AcbellsBuy platform to reduce the workload.

Now there are more than 100 advertising slots, and fans are scrambling to have ahead. On social websites, supporters are sharing cool new works that had been impossible to realize before the update, or otherwise, they could be owned without exhausting players’ valuable design space. There are well-designed gardens, trails faltering, comic strip shops open for business, and seasonal squares for strolling around.

YouTuber Ness is a player who spends time customizing and building her Animal Crossing island. Players like Ness will prioritize the real key design which is most applied to her island while saving other useful codes. In the file. Ness remarked that it is important to categorize every code she uses and who designed the code-not only so it can be used again later on, but additionally by each designer. Such filing systems remain in effect with the help of design slots, but fans don’t need to cycle as frequently as before.

Instead, players can spend more time developing customized large-scale ticket designs, including cute factory trucks, cartoon shop logos, or some other gadgets, while not having to work hard with the whole interesting design. Besides, AcbellsBuy is a professional Animal Crossing game trading service website, you can buy ACNH Items on it at any time.