If you visit an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, possibly things look a great deal fancier lately. The game's dedicated community of builders and crafters happens to be delighted with all the mid-March updates that added more design slots, offering them more room to try out.

Most New Horizons players needed those design slots desperately. Unlike ACNH Bells or furniture, which hardcore devotees have previously collected, custom designs provide a whole new layer of customization — and clout. Communities exist solely to produce designs for dresses, ceramic tiles, wall panels, and much more. The problem players had was which they only had 50 slots.

Now that there are 100 more slots, fans are vibing. On web 2.0, fans are already sharing cool new creations that weren't possible prior to the update — or, at the very least, possible to possess without using in the majority of a player's valuable design slots. There are elaborate gardens, comic strip stores which can be open for business, and seasonal plazas for lounging.

One of the most common problems facing designers is often a piece of basic infrastructure: roads. There's an array of pre-made paths and patterns players can deposit, however, some players Buy ACNH Bells and use custom designs to aid these roads match their overall aesthetic. As player Hannah Louise told Polygon over Reddit, "People always wanted a come up with path, nevertheless the only issue is it would be the equivalent of 15 design slots, which is a great deal."

To alleviate the situation, players prioritize key designs that start to see the most use on her island, whilst other useful codes cataloged within a file. Players note that it's imperative that you catalog each code she used and who designed it — not merely so she is able to use it again later, but so she could give appropriate credit to each and every designer. Players can spend more time developing bespoke high price designs, as an adorable plant truck, logos for just a comic store, or some other little touches, without gobbling up all in the room for entertainment designs.