Why should i put on rune gloves even though Blue Dragon vambs and Batwing gloves come with RS Gold the same features but are considerably cheaper? Why should i even wear rune armor at all? ( Other than Vs Ranged) Do I have it wrong or are the new changes making Melee the PVP's new underdog? Does someone who plays Melee do pk well? ( and what is the best setup for him to achieve that) Are your Amulet of Str now useless? ( I don't know the whole crit thing) Thank you for spending the time to answer my queries.

So I am preparing a new list of Adventures to add to my next log. I'm not sure at this moment on what I really want to achieve. I'd like to steer clear of "getting that 99!" since I'm not like that haha. I prefer more tangible goals/etc over getting a 99.

One thing I do know of is the art of divination. It's not my favorite, but I'm going to have to train at least some...I am somewhat wanting to keep it off until they come up with better learning experience ways to do it haha. (I'm thinking 48-70 is an appropriate goal in the present)

Another Adventure I'm interested in is testing these boss fights in new instances (KK, * KK etc) even if they're on the easiest level at the moment. Another thing I've put off but that I'd like to do is to reach 110 Dungeoneering ( something like 105ish at moment? ) It'll take me some time since I am currently played by myself.

In conjunction with the dungeoneering. I'll also try out OSRS Fire Cape this task master I've been hearing a lot about. After four tasks though..I require more suggestions. I'm looking for 8-10 ideas.