Lucky would be the iconic villager which is often the poster child for Animal Crossing's Halloween events. He's appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and each and every other game inside the franchise, for example, the mobile spinoff Pocket Camp, as of yet.

There a wide range of theories about Lucky, for example, that he's secretly the undead version of one other villager, sustained by Lucky's single glowing eye. Whatever the case can be, a lot of players try to find this Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager and pay a lot of ACNH Bells to make him onto their islands. In official Animal Crossing lore, he's noted to get a full-body cast but somehow still alive after the fishing accident, giving him the name "Lucky."

Going in conjunction with Lucky's Halloween theme, in past games, the inside of his home was similar to a mummy's tomb, featuring Egyptian architecture. But in New Horizons, players will discover a more gothic interior, resembling a graveyard. It's filled which has a skeleton, three different colors of gravestones, a red leaf pile, and also a skull iPhone that plays K.K. Dirge, just like in all past games.

Lucky is really a lazy dog villager inside the Animal Crossing franchise, and like several lazy villagers, he loves eating and relaxing. Players can Buy ACNH Bells to get this villager. He participates in hobbies which are either for relaxing or even for food, for instance, fishing. Along with normal, peppy, smug, and sisterly villagers, Lucky gets in conjunction with most and can have trouble a lot more important jock villagers and snooty villagers who don't see the lazy lifestyle.

Additionally, Lucky arrives just a few days after Halloween in Animal Crossing on November 4, making her a Scorpio. His default clothing once was the No. 23 t-shirt, that is the speculation of fan theories, believing it to relate for the 23 enigmas symbolizing misfortune. Now he wears the Open-Collar Shirt in coral.