Pokemon Company will release four new plush toys from Pokemon created by Sword and Shield in Japan on April 29, 2021. They are some fossils of Pokemon: Arctozolt, Dracozolt, Dracovish, and Arctovish. The plush toys are the main Pokemon Doll product supplied by the Pokemon company.  

Similar to the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in London, several fossil Pokemon in "Pokemon Sword and Shield" are incredibly inaccurate relating to lives. Thanks to Dr. Cara Liss switching around their body parts, Pokemon encountered problems with basic biological functions. For example, Dracovish cannot breathe unless he or she is underwater, while Arctovish’s mouth is on the top of his head. However, Pokemon Longhair has round and cartoon-like eyes, which gives a more cute way when compared to a slightly scary expression amongst gamers. By the way, PkmBuy provides Buy Shiny Pokemon with fast delivery, 100% legal, and safe, if you need to customize any other specific settings, please feel free to tell us!

Fossil Pokemon is gradually becoming the main focus of attention. Not only will they search in the form of plush, but they will also make their anime debut at the beginning of 2021.Episode 50 of Pokemon Journeys: The series followed Ash and Goh to satisfy Dr. Cara Liss and obtained his personal fossil Pokemon. Arctozolt joined Goh's team, and Dracovish joined Ash's team. Since the beginning of the series in 1997, that is Ash's first fossil Pokemon.

Pokemon dolls undoubtedly are a collection of Pokemon costumes similar to the  Friends of Comfort series released in 2020. Other products released earlier in 2021 include items like the Sweet Scent collection and spring-inspired kitchenware.

Pokemon fossils from Sword and Shield look in physical stores in Japan on April 29th. However, if you would like to buy them from online stores, they will be on April 27, 2021. There is no global release date for them. But, when you want to Buy Shiny Pokemon quickly, Please choose pkmbuy.com, we support 24/7 online customer service, welcome you!