An Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gotten their recent island overhaul within a different direction than most, going as much as to convert a total island into a sprawling IKEA store.

Since Animal Crossing launch this past year, players demonstrate no shortage of creativity, they Buy ACNH Bells to realize their ideas. Fashioning in-game equivalents of well-known locations from pop culture and also the real world, which recreation on the popular furniture retailer is detailed with furniture displays, a warehouse, and food court.

Building custom islands and worlds are definitely part of Animal Crossing's charm, and New Horizons continues that proud tradition by providing a fast-growing library of options, objects, and near-infinite custom designs to check any player's ambitions. As a result, we have seen an abundance of players creating iconic locales for their islands. While most players go for pop culture recreations, others wish to bring a slice of real-world to their tropical getaways.

Redditor skidmore101 has brought the game a little more forward by transforming their island into something anyone who's ever decorated inexpensively will instantly recognize: an IKEA store. Spanning nearly all their map, the impressive island build contains full-blown ACNH Bells sections, a food court, along with a backroom brimming with boxed-up merchandise, the player's avatar even comes full of the familiar IKEA uniform consisting of a blue-striped yellow shirt, blue slacks, plus a little nametag. They shared the below screenshots with their creation, combined with the island's Dream Address and appropriately edited map with their superstore.

As the pandemic continues and players are continuing to find techniques to use their time, video gaming like Animal Crossing use a special role to experience in helping preserve earth's collective sanity. That's done partially giving creative players the instruments to build worlds and tributes, and partially for those who want to revisit locations that have been shut due for the pandemic, receive a taste of pop culture nostalgia, or - on this curious case - a small amount of both.