Grimmsnarl is one of the powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But unlike those with strong basic attributes, the flexible use of Grimmsnarl's IVs is his powerful condition. How to set it up to increase its defense is that its offensive damage is higher, and even entering its Gigantamax form through G-Max Snooze is what we need to know.

The best Grimmsnarls can have a lot of IVs within the Attack stat. This Dark-type and Fairy-type Pokemon gets 120 base Attacks. With some good IVs and also a good nature behind them, Grimmsnarl can manage a simple attacking set perfectly.

Good Attack IVs will even help Bulk Up Grimmsnarl inflict damage. Because it gets entry to Prankster, Grimmsnarl is just about the best Bulk Up users within the game as it can always obtain a Bulk Up first. Once the ball gets rolling, Grimmsnarl can be both immensely defensive and also strong as well. If this Pokemon then enters Gigantamax Form too, nothing can stop it.

As with lots of Bulk Up users, Grimmsnarl also wants a great share of IVs in Special Defense. This way, it could be well protected against special attacks before it starts boosting its defense. Grimmsnarl isn't quick (60 base speed) which explains why taking hits well is very important for the Pokemon.

Strong Special Defense on Grimmsnarl also pairs well with Spirit Break, certainly one of its signatures moves. This attack incorporates a secondary effect that lowers the Special Attack stat from the target. With this move and Bulk Up, Grimmsnarl can raise its Defense while reducing the opponent's Special Attack.

While its Attack is strong if anyone happens to have a Grimmsnarl with low Attack IVs but high Special Attack IVs, it may well still be valuable. Grimmsnarl features a decent Special Attack (base 95) likewise as entry to Nasty Plot. With these certain things combined, Grimmsnarl is able to use strong special attacks like Dark Pulse and Dazzling Gleam.

Grimmsnarl is also one of Shiny Pokemon. If you are not sure whether you have mastered its skills. Then Buy Shiny Pokemon is the fastest way to practice. This Pokemon with strong comprehensive ability, as long as the player uses it flexibly and pays attention to the timing of the operation, will also be a strong member of your team.