Other things Animal Crossing New Horizons Items such as obtaining a Jacob's Ladder blossom are far too repetitive. Like I'd understand if they did more with the article like displaying their five star staircase but taking a shaky mobile phone pic of the change revealing that they got 5 stars and a screenshot is reduced work.

There is no storyline or surprise in regards to a sport like AC. I really find it crazy when people are bothered by something as trivial as that. With trailers, reveals, and literal swapped hemisphere seasons folks are going to be exposed to inaccessible items anyhow. Like why are ppl's experience destroyed by viewing a hallowe'en item when there was literally an entire trailer showcasing all of the new stuff?? It makes no sense .

They are nice. People grieve differently and using it manifest at a healthy game like AC is endearing to see.

I'd definitely encourage spoiler tags for Time Traveling as even though not everyone considers things like this a spoiler, it matters more if someone who does sees things they do not want to than it will if people who do not just need to look at something that's already been spoiler labeled.

In terms of memorials, I believe it would definitely be best to limit them somehow. While they do not both me at the smallest and obviously people who post them don't imply them to be upsetting, you sort of need to cater to the minority because these pictures could be really upsetting for many people so it is far better to have some how to get more bells in animal crossing new horizon precautions.