Dramen: Heals 69 watts over 26 seconds. The bed will consist of magical Dramen wood. The bed might have tree spirits (Level 12-56) close to you when you awake. When you defeat them you will be able to OSRS Gold Buy recover Dramen leaves, which are used to create Dramen Pillows!

Swaying-Heals 79 energy over 27-65 minutes of construction. actually like a hammock, because you need to bring the woods that you are swaying to a person at the digsite, and he will transform it into a swaying hammock! You need to get faux palm trees for hanging it up however, and occasionally the palm trees will fall onto you during sleep.

Hollow-Heals 84 energy in 28 seconds - 70 construction. They can occasionally collapse, but when they do, you fall into them for a limited period, and obtain certain "under the bed'' items. Dream: Heals 96 energy over 29 seconds-75 construction. This Bed allows you to go into the dream world for a short period of time which allows you to cut more Dream trees and allowing you to collect Dream Runes (Used in Dream Magic and explained later).

Normal pillow: Collect 15 feathers and put them in the pillow case (bought from any general store) Use thread and needle to complete the look! This will give you 5 more hours of energy levels during your sleep!

Rainbow pillow-Collect up to 15 Rainbow feathers and use them in a pillow case (bought from any retailer), and RuneScape Gold 2007 use thread and needle to finish it off! You will get 14 additional hours of energy during sleep!