If you aren't just chasing the dinosaurs and other critters in "Ark: Survival Evolved", and want to build the greatest headquarters base, then this new community-made mod for action-adventure games can be attractive. This fan creation named "Akka’s interior decor structures" adds over 500 items to Studio Wildcard's survival game, which may be used to build a decadent base.

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Creator Akka’s new Ark: Survival Evolved mod is divided into a bunch of different things, from structural assets for example walls, windows, and doors to floor and wall decorations plus many more cosmetic items, like floor and wall decor, a load of furniture, tableware, table decorations, statuettes, etc. 

Many furnishings are very attractive carved wood products, for example, the magnificent four-poster bed, wardrobe, and table combination. Or you can find shelves, kitchen units, room dividers, and-so-many other pursuits you can grab. 

Akka asserted the module is 100% stackable, and many types of items can be achieved using the Ark crafting table, which means you don't need to spend any imperial points to ensure they are. Sweet. If you need to bring more benefits to your game, you could also find other Akka mods here. 

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