Shoot the enemies with bullets and projectiles for use on your epic journey. You'll be able to see through laser walls!

BBM releases Rogue Life with BBM, a game available on Android devices.

Rogue Life with erek erek 2d is a game that revolves around the player's dodging abilities. In this RPG, the player battles against monsters and bosses in single player mode, as well as engages in PvP combat of 3 vs 3 matches and 12 per team. Get friends on BBM and play the game, then fight against each other on Google Play. There are over 300 costumes to play with and enjoy, each custom made to suit your taste. With tons of stages, quests, and modes, you’ll never stop playing!

Download the game now to get the battlefield going!

Popularity of Games Popularity Confirms Strategy to Bring More Content, Services, and Brands We launched Fruits Mania with the BBM app, which was downloaded over 100,000 times, in Indonesia. It became one of the top five games on Google Play. For two weeks, we saw a similar response to our game’s release. We will launch one game every two weeks until the end of the year. The games are easy to download and play. You can do it all yourself, or share the fun with your friends via a free BBM group.

How social media, chat and games drive mobile usage

This shows our strategy of using platforms like BBM to bring content and services to people. What we found is that the bulk of the time people spend on mobile, they are chatting, playing hoki188, or reading news. So, we’re bringing useful content in the form of games, news and more to chat. The numbers we are seeing for engagement on the BBM platform, proves that more people use messaging apps than those on social media. We launched our own news and video channel, BBM Life Channel. The Indonesian TV new program, (C002EC21B) sends regular updates to its subscribers through this platform.

Next, we’re going to expand news as well as games beyond Indonesia.

Apps like Rogue Life with BBM help bridge the gap between marketers and users Mobile has become essential for internet usage. People spend hours a day on their mobile. Aliababa reported that 82% of their biggest-shopping-day Single's Day sales came from mobile devices this year, up from 72% last year.