In order to acquire a 91 OVR of one of the eight players listed above, you'll have to visit and select the Winter National place tab, which may be located in the Sets folder. Laine, Zuccarello, Voracek, and Bobrovsky are Week 1 cards, while the latter four were lumped into Week 2. When you've got Hut 21 Coins the necessary cards to finish the sets, add the necessary items.

HUT gamers will need to add one Winter National collectible, which can be acquired through Winter National challenges, and 11 Gold collectibles. Once you do so, you will receive a special package that can give you a choice of one of four 91 OVR master player cards.

If you want a 92 OVR player, it will cost you a little more. To pick up a 92 OVR master participant thing, HUT players will probably have one of 2 options. The first one is to finish the Winter National Week 1 Random 91-92 OVR Master Item selection set, Winter Nation Week 2 Random 91-92 OVR Master Item choice set. However, you may only get a selection of 2 cards, which means you may not the exact card you desire.

If you do have Buy NHL 21 Coins a specific thing in mind, you'll need to finish one of the eight 92 OVR master sets. Those can be found towards the end of the Winter National set folder.