Use different touches. Hands, feet, lips, eyelashes... The goal is to give as many different sensations as possible to your loved one.

During the massage, body contact must not be interrupted! One of the parts of the body must necessarily touch the partner. Whether it's a hand or hair, writes So Simple!

Love your partner's body and sincerely enjoy it.

The knees and their reverse side are very sensitive and it is better to go around them or touch them especially gently during massage.

You should not wear jewelry such as rings, bracelets and pendants. They can injure a partner during a massage.

Thanks to these techniques, you and your loved one will get real pleasure, relaxation and fulfillment. Relationships will become warmer and the husband will look forward to this day, quickly run away from work to his beloved wife. Master the art of giving pleasure, and most importantly - do it with love!

We wish you pleasant moments spent together with your loved one and happy long years of living together.

Practice happy ending massage as often as possible and get unforgettable emotions