DC Comics will release its DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration. It will state a different superhero, Monkey Prince. This hero is inspired by the Monkey King of Chinese mythology.

"Debuting within a story offered by award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang with art by Benard Chang Monkey Prince is inspired with all the Monkey King, the legendary hero of Chinese Culture as well as a classic tale, Journey to your West," a release from DC reads. "In Yang and Chang's original 12-page story, 'The Monkey Prince Hates Superheroes,' Monkey Prince battles and teams with Shazam to defeat the evil Dr. Sivana and also a Chinese deer demon spirit."

Monkey Prince is inspired through the same Monkey King from Chinese mythology featured in Game Science's Block Myth: Wukong gaming, which received a new trailer aimed towards bosses, enemies, areas hanging out, and spells a couple of weeks ago.

To celebrate this character's arrival to the DC Comics, the publisher is releasing a selective, one out of 25, Monkey Prince variant cover by Chang. This Asian superhero celebration anthology will feature 10 other stories about Asian superheroes so now by eating arrive in comic stores and digital platforms on May 11.

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