Everything is digitalized nowadays, all our work, education, entertainment. Therefore, Internet becomes a necessity. Having a Wi-Fi set up to let you access the internet through router. ATT routers are one of the best selling routers available in the market. They are user friendly and can be set up following the instructions on the manual. Setting up a router is obviously important because only then you will be able to use it. First you need to configure the settings of the router and then we’ll see how to connect to AT&T router to devices. You can  access the AT&T router settings by entering the default credentials. When you reset the router its settings will change into default settings which are known to all and therefore not necessarily safe. In order to protect your connection you must change the username and password by logging in through default credentials. Let’s have a look at the steps.

Steps to configure ATT router-

  • Open a web browser and type in the URL section. This is ATT router access code. You will be directed to the log in page.
  • Enter the default credentials. The username is admin and the password is password.
  • When you enter the credentials, and log in to the router. You will be directed to the settings page.
  • Configure the router settings by changing the log in credentials, IP address. Select the Wi-Fi range.
  • You can then click ok to save the changes.

Now that you have configured the router. You can connect it to your devices. I’m order to do so, click on the Wi-Fi icon on your computer or phone. Search for the network name. The name of your Wi-Fi will appear in the list. Click on the name and you will be asked to enter the password. Enter the password you just created and click ok. The device will automatically be connected to the router.

Sometimes you are unable to connect to the router because of some connectivity Or technical issues. The issue can arise due to multiple factors affecting it. Power outage and maintenance breakdown at the routers end can lead to Wi-Fi not working. Simple trouble shooting can help you resolve many issues but sometimes faulty connection like loose wiring and not plugged in properly can cause the malfunction. The mentioned steps can help you ensure proper working of your router and tell you the steps for ATT reset routerThis can simply be done through the reset button.

How to reset ATT router?

  • Press and hold the reset button on the gateway for 10 seconds.
  • Make sure you hold it otherwise the router will reboot and nor perform a reset.
  • Wait till the status lights are on.
  • If the broadband or the service status light turns green, the ATT router reset is successfully completed.

This will resolve any glitches you might be facing.