Best olive oil for hair growth may add softness and firmness to hair, by entering the shaft and holding in moisture. It is an excellent source of antioxidants that improve healthy scalp. Because olive oil is rich in Vitamin E. Its regular application can help fight hair loss and adds an extra firmness to those with thin and unhealthy hair, while also reducing irritation to the skin. Pure extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used to moisten and nourish hair. It prevents breakage and damage and provides more shine, moisture, more volume and thickness of the hair, a stronger hair shaft, less split ends, and reduces the amount of the appearance of dandruff on hair.


Tips: Utilize between 2 and 1 cup OlvDew Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make the perfect mask to cover the entire hair. If you only want to apply a split-end treatment, you might just require 1 tablespoon. In case your hair grows very long and thick, then you might require more.


Skin Health


Due to its antioxidant qualities olive oil can prevent dehydration. Oxidation is a process which produces free radicals, which are the chemical compounds that damage cells and cause the growth of cancer. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil also works as a makeup remover as well as sunscreen as a trace. When applied to the face antioxidants may help stop premature aging. Olive oil is used as a moisturiser which is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that improve the health of skin when applied to the skin to keep dry and flaky skin from flaking and dry, as well as making sure that the skin stays soft and smooth. Linoleic acid can also act as the ultimate hydrating ingredient, since it creates an ointment that blocks water in the epidermis, which ensures that the moisture needed to maintain your skin's health is kept beneath your skin's layer. It also has the ability to improve your Hair growth. You can consider this as the Best olive oil for hair growth


Tips: You should take 1 tablespoon OlvDew Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your fingers and apply the oil over your face area with circular movements. Try to gently rub it across your nose.




Olives have a weight that is low in calories. Calorie intake is the amount of calories based on the volume or weight of food (in grams). In general, food items that has a calorie count of more than 4 are considered to be high. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil aids in boosting metabolism and removing harmful fats. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats that are healthy and assist in reducing weight.


Tips: Use a tablespoon of OlvDew Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice in the bowl. Mix them together. This mixture can ease stomach discomfort and assist with burning off belly fat.


Prevent Chronic disease


Olive oil is a great source of strength for your cardiovascular system. It is an important fat-rich food item within the Mediterranean diet. The people who adhere to this diet seem to live longer as well as a lower chance of heart-related diseases than those who adhere to other diets. 


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps to protect the nervous system and fight cancer, and assist in the treatment of anxiety and stress. Tests in the lab have shown that the antioxidants found in olive oil may help to shield the body from inflammation as well as epigenetic changes, heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks. 


It reduces blood pressure, guards against bad cholesterol particles and protects them from oxidation. It also enhances the functioning that blood vessels perform.


Replacing one teaspoon of margarine, butter mayonnaise, dairy fat with the same amount of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 5% , and coronary heart disease by 5%.


If you want an oil that will help your hair grow then you can select our Best olive oil for hair growth.