Requirements to obtain ISO 50001 Certification

We all know consuming energy is more important in today’s world. It gives you the ability to run your business for a long time and shows that you are a responsible future-focused organization. ISO 50001 is a globally agreed standard for Energy Management System. It helps the organizations to manage their energy use and as well as to improve their productivity. This topic covers everything from what are ISO 50001 standards and their requirements to the benefits of implementing the ISO standard and achieving the ISO 50001 certification. 

About ISO 50001:2018

ISO 50001:2018 is the latest version of the Energy Management System standard. It specifies requirements to establish, implement, maintain, and improve the Energy Management System. It helps the organizations to follow a systematic approach to enhance energy performance and the EnMS. Regardless of types, size, complexity, and geographical location, the ISO 50001 is applicable to all organizations that wish to use their energy more efficiently and effectively. 

The ISO 50001 standard provides a recognized framework for the organizations to develop an effective Energy Management System. As this standard also follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act process like other ISO management system standards, it ensures the continual improvement of the energy management system. It helps reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. ISO 50001 guides the organizations with a set of requirements to develop an energy policy for the efficient use of energy. It can be used independently or integrated with other management system standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). 

What is the objective of an energy management system?

The Energy Management System aims to control and manage the organization’s energy consumption. This system is responsible for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing the energy performance of the organization. The energy management system helps to develop and implement an energy policy, set achievable targets for energy use and design action plans to reach them and measure process. It also helps the organizations to implement new energy-efficient technologies, reduce energy waste, and as well as to improve the current process to cut energy costs. 

What benefits will my business gain by implementing the ISO 50001?

Like other ISO standards, the requirements of ISO 50001 are intended to be applicable to all sizes (from small to large) of organizations across the world. This standard helps your organization in multiple ways to enhance energy performance. It helps to reduce the environmental impacts and energy risks, minimize the consumption of energy, increase the use of energy sources and energy-related assets, and improve competitiveness. It enhances the reputation of your business and brings new business opportunities thus improve productivity. It does not only improve energy performance but also create awareness among the employees to use the energy effectively. 

Requirements to achieve ISO 50001 Certification

When you are preparing your company for an energy management system audit, the first step is to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard. The organization needs to conduct a gap analysis to identify the area where it requires implementation. To achieve the ISO 50001 Certification, the organization should have an effective energy management system. The mandatory requirements are, 

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Methods of the operational process
  • Resources usage
  • Records and report of the internal audit
  • Proper documents and records, etc.

Importance of certifying to ISO 50001

As the ISO 50001 Certification is globally recognized, it takes your business from the local to the international market place. It enhances competency and helps achieve government tenders. Whether it is a private or government sectors, the ISO 50001 certification is suitable for all the organizations. It establishes the effective implementation of the energy management system. This enhances credibility and increases the confidence of the customers/business partners in your operational system.  


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