Lost Ark Unknown Island, as its name suggests, is an unknown place, located east of Faten Land or southwest of Shushire. It is also north of the Lost Ark Monte Island, in the middle of the ocean. How can players find the unknown island and get the Island Token?

Find Lost Ark Unknown Island

As one of the most unique islands, Unknown Island's random mechanism design Boss battle also arouses players' desire to fight. To find the Unknown Island, players need a lot of Lost Ark Gold upgrades for a lot of battles, until the combat level reaches 50, the recommended equipment level is 460, and the right to use the Lost Ark ships is obtained before venturing to the Unknown Island.

How to get Island Token

Three minutes after the first player enters the island, the A Veiled Entity quest will begin and all players will be tasked with finding their way to the boss. Once you defeat the island bosses generated in the mission, you will have a chance to get the Unknown Island Token, the boss in question will be the Light Beastmaster or the Dark Beastmaster, and they will spawn in the north, south, west or east of the island.

Three possible paths are randomly chosen each time an island mission is started, so the player must start the mission by finding the correct path. This also increases the difficulty of the task. After following the path to the end, one of the aforementioned bosses will appear and the battle will begin.

After defeating the boss, rare runes, some stone fragments, and lost ark gold coins will be dropped as RNG drops with a chance to receive unknown island tokens, so you may need to repeat the process a few times.

If you don't have the confidence to defeat the boss, you can fight together with other players to make the task easier. You can also make yourself more powerful by Buy Lost Ark Gold from rpgstash.com to increase your odds of victory.

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