Fire wyvern
The Fire wyvern could cause the great destruction of most opponents.  If you want an all-rounder wyvern, the Fire wyvern is a great choice. It can serve the most beneficial all-rounders, they're able to fly around huge creatures and be feared by any opponent who looks upon the sky. For players, Buy Cheap PVP Ark Survival Evolved Items and ARK Wyvern is the fastest and most convenient way to upgrade the game, is the best website for you.

Blood Crystal wyvern
Crystal wyvern is one of the latest species added to the game. There are three kinds of crystal wyvern, essentially the most famous one is the liquid blood crystal wyvern. It can use its long-distance bloodstream to break the enemy, draw health in the target it hits, and restore its life. Defeating this wyvern could be extremely difficult, of course, if you construct your blood crystal wyvern defensively, you will end up a very challenging opponent.

Poison wyvern
The Poison wyvern can breathe with poisonous gas and earn opponents fatigued. If you could have enough plans, each time the poisonous dragon spews out a harmful gas, you can ignite it and cause greater destruction of your opponents in battle. Poison wyvern also can ignore the armor, however, you need to make sure you might have some best purpose to utilize it. If you want to give attention to PvE battles, you must increase the melee damage of the Poison wyverns.

Lightning Wyvern
The Lightning Wyvern may cause the most damage of all options. Among all of the wyvern varieties, lightning-type lightning strikes have the very best straight damage. You will be in a position to challenge the terrifying Titan along with other bosses. These creatures use considerable stamina to fight. Cheap PVE Ark Survival Evolved Items For Sale on, 100% legal ,safe and fast delivery any time.