Tips for citing a paraphrase?

Whenever you feel like you are done with writing your essay, you always know that more than a page determines the outcome of your research. If you are through with the research, you will have to write down another version of the information. But what if I am delayed and don’t know how to describe my results? Well, that is where a paraphrasing website comes in. A paraphrase is just a shortened version of an author’s ideas. The writer takes a different approach to explain the data that they chose to include in the paper. In other words, they rephrase the information without changing its meaning. The only difference is usually in length. More often than not, you will find that most of these rewrites are shorter than the original.

What Does It Mean to Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing refers to the act of copy and pasting the information. Here are a few reasons why writers cite other people’s ideas in their papers:

  • They learnt something new; hence they want to use it in their paper
  • To include a few references in the article
  • When you rephrase the information without leaving anything behind
  • To prove that you have an originality in your content

The moment a writer starts using a particular referencing style, it is not uncommon for them to change the reference style in accordance with their wishes. When you rephrase the information without leaving a sentence, then it is considered plagiarism. It is not only a challenge but also a challenge to the writer who wants to get money from someone else. The result of rephrasing is that the original author appears on your document, but they have changed the meaning. Writers, therefore, compete to support their ideas with the original text.

Do you need to cite paraphrasing?

Just like other writers make a mistake when they begin paraphrasing, they too are in a hurry to deliver a quality paper. Their main goal is to catch the reader’s attention and keep it interesting. However, you need to note that paraphrasing involves changing the sentence structure and not the writer. The point is to make sure the author still stands out but does not change the meaning. The only difference is that paraphrasing does not involve rewording key points.