Pteranodon is the first of many dinosaurs to start out using Ark Survival Evolved. These creatures are usually the first kind of flying object players try and tame.

Downing Pteranodon
Since the Pteranodon is often a low-level creature, game players won't need upgraded weapons and equipment to tame the creature. Instead, players may use a primitive crossbow and bola to down the dinosaur. When the player uses bola to capture creatures, he'll launch yet another tranquilizer arrow or two to knock down the dinosaur. After two shots, the Pteranodon is going to be knocked down as well as the player may start the taming process.

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Food and tame
Players can use raw meat to regenerate and tame Pteranodon. You'll be able to harvest raw meat from every dinosaur roaming the map. High-quality meat will not be necessary, but it really will work faster. Merely giving biological food can rejuvenate it, but it takes a considerable amount of time. Instead, gamers need some narcotics around to speed in the process. Generally, 20 narcotics are sufficient to subdue any Ptera. If fed raw meat, the creature will be needing fewer narcotics to tame.

Make a saddle
Once the gamer has tamed the Pteranodon, they have to make a saddle make use of the dinosaur to be amount. Players will need the following items to make saddles: 75 Chitlin / Keratin, 125 Fiber, 230Hide, and 15engram points. 

Pteranodons would be the fastest flying machine within the game. The mount will help the players find and tame the larger dinosaurs during the experience. By taming and installing small fliers as quickly as possible, gamers are going to be able to traverse the scenery better and progress faster. 

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