This Post is all you need when the Netgear router is not working. you can perform router troubleshooting related to many issues. any Wi-Fi router could have a performance-related issue that can disrupt the internet connection.

Please read this post till last & lets Just Start With Basic Troubleshooting Of Your Netgear Wireless Router - Netgear router not showing up on network list

Why Netgear Router Not working?

Now, this is something where you must pay attention & understand the issue. if the router has stopped working or your router is not working after reset then the following issues can cause internet disruption.

  • Overheating Netgear Router/Modem
  • internet outage or isp disconnection
  • Outdated firmware or settings change
  • A security breach or incorrect setup
  • A faulty cable or Other technical glitches

wifi problems such as overheating, ISP disconnection, settings change, firmware update, or security mesh-up could be the cause behind the router problems.

To fix the Netgear router not working problem try these steps given below.

Troubleshooting Netgear Router

Friends, There is No Rush to Reset Your Netgear Wireless Router In Order to Fix wifi router Problem. Try these Steps And Consider Router Reset as The Last Option.

You Would Be Amaze to Know that Most Of Router Connectivity Issue Can Be Resolved By Doing a Simple Reboot Or Power Cycle.

  • Restart Your Internet Modem, And Router. Take Out the Power cable from the Router and Modem. Wait for 10 Seconds Before Your Plug it back After that Please Restart Your Computer Also.
  • Wait For 1 minute And Look For Internet Light On Your Modem and Router. If You see Internet Light on Modem That Means The Modem is Fine And You Are Getting Internet From Your Internet Service Provider Side.
  • Now Look for Internet Light on Your Router Please Try Using the Internet and See if the Restart Helped Or Not.
  • Once You Are Done with This Process Let’s Go And Test The Internet Service Provider Connection And Modem.

You Can Reset the Netgear router any time you want but keep it as last resort. let’s start with the Basic Internet Test to detect the issue-

Test The Internet

  • Connect Your Computer To Your Modem Using The Ethernet Cable…Yeah got Confused ?? Let Us Explain
  • See the Cable Which is Coming From Modem to Internet Port Of Your Router Please Disconnect that Cable From Router And Plug it Into Your Laptop Or Desktop Computer.
  • Make Sure You Turn Off Your Wireless Router And Restart Your Computer And Modem After Making cable connection.
  • Now Once Your Computer is Restarted Please Go And Try Using the Internet With Your Computer.
  • if that Works That Will Clear Few Things, For Example, make sure Your Modem, Computer And Ethernet Cable All three Components Are Fine.
  • If the Testing Fail, You might Wanna Contact Your Internet Service Provider Helpline Or Customer support to Fix the Internet.
  • Now We Are Done With Basic Troubleshooting. Now Let’s Dig More And Try Fixing Your Netgear Wireless Router common problems.