toppers, decals, and wheels. Dominus and Rocket League Trading Octane,  of the sport’s most popular motors, each acquired a decal. Octane is getting any other dragon ornament as a much less flashy alternative to the Dragon Lord sticker.

The reputable trailer for the event additionally teases  new purpose explosions but doesn’t specify in the event that they’ll be Rocket League Item Prices obtainable with crimson envelopes or in the event that they’re specific to the Item Shop. One of the cosmetics portrays a flying paper dragon, at the same time as the other is a fixed of lanterns that waft upwards once a intention is scored.

Lucky Lanterns starts offevolved at 12pm CT on Jan. 20 and runs until 12pm CT on Feb. 10. Players have an additional 3 days to spend their leftover purple envelopes, however the cut-off date ends on Feb. Thirteen.