BriansClub One of the most popular black market websites has been hacked to access the data from more than 26 million credit card cards stolen. The card information was previously taken from online websites as well as brick-and mortar stores of retailers dating back to. briansclub

at the beginning of this month, one source had posted a plain text document with what was claimed to be the entire list of cards available for auction, including the cards that are currently listed and those previously listed on the website. The data stolen from BriansClub is shared with financial institutions that monitor, identify or reissue stolen cards that appear for auction on forums for criminals. BriansClub usually resells stolen cards by other criminals known as affiliates or resellers; each BriansClub as well as its affiliates are paid an amount of money from every sale.

BriansClub also added 1.7 million cards to sale. In 2016 BriansClub released stolen credit cards. In 2017, there were 4.9 million new cards uploaded and in 2018 there were even more. In the months of January through August, 2019, BriansClub added a staggering amount of. The security intelligence company Flashpoint believes that the site contained close to $414 million in stolen credit card accounts

The most straightforward answer is "by accident,"" as well as "no," respectively. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in the field of bachelor of Arts in International Studies from George Mason University in 1994 I was at that time I didn't have much interest in computers, though I had written a few programs with one Apple II and spent quite some time with it. briansclub

It wasn't until the year 2001the year all my personal networks were taken over by an Chinese hacking group -- that I began to become fascinated by computer security. I was playing around with the default install that ran Red Hat Linux (6.2) on an old Hewlett-Packard computer due to a reason. I was thinking in my mind that it was fun to show myself to turn my spare computer into an enormous firewall [ah, the irony!it's so ironic. Then, it came to a halt and locked myself out from my

Following that incident, I made the decision to study all I could about security on computers and Internet security. I also went through every book related to the subject that I could find in the moment. It's a passion that's never stopped.

A large portion of my understanding of computer systems and Internet security is due to having had regular and frequent access to the smartest and most experienced geeks in the world. The rest, I'm sure, comes from the willingness to risk as well as make mistakes and then learn from them.

I'm 47 years old and I live along with my spouse Jennifer and my wife Jennifer in Northern Virginia. When I'm not working on my computer, I typically take my time writing, reading or cooking, as well as gardening, learning Russian as well as playing the guitar. I also enjoy communicating with readers, so do let me know what you think about this blog.