Market Intelligence Benefits for Small Businesses


Small businesses are the economic drivers of a country. And, Market intelligence is the ultimate tool for success & survival as they face hurdles in growing. According to a Salesforce Report, around 90% of the business population represents small and medium-sized businesses(SMEs). In competitive markets, small businesses are either exploited or made feel neglected by large marketing tech companies. Tune in as you get in-depth knowledge of why market intelligence for small business is must.


Considerable rewards only come by taking calculated risks. Small biz owners can take risks and succeed relentlessly with market intelligence tools at their disposal. SMEs need to get a better hang of market opportunities, penetration strategy, and market development metrics.  So, why not take advantage of AI to gain status and recognition in the market? Though the number of employees is less than 500, SMEs are responsible for maximum job creation.


Key challenges - Small businesses can be anything from an e-commerce website to brick-and-mortar services. But, the strenuous task is to centralize and refine. Small businesses can unravel such complex problems in minutes. But what is the first thing to do when entering a potential business?  You can have all the voluminous information about competitors and markets. Intelligence is only valued when it reaches the right audience at the right time. A one-size-fits-all attitude in businesses won’t take your business far in the age of personalization. Market Intelligence platforms are capable of creating a searchable repository and streamlining the business process.


Well-informed decisions - Business intelligence focuses deeply on a company’s internal growth and performance. Before going ahead, it is important to understand that business intelligence and market intelligence are not the same things. Market intelligence platforms trace down long-term strategy with areas of business distribution. Whereas, market intelligence is everything to do with market trends, competitors, and external factors impacting a business.


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