provides the DeFi wallet service for its users. Users of the log in exchange can use this wallet to store and deposit their cryptocurrencies. You can use this wallet on your Android phone or iPhone. To store cryptos in DeFi wallet, you need to set up your wallet account. While setting up the wallet, gives you 12/18/24 words seed phrase details to manage the wallet. This seed phrase is a key that lets you access the wallet even if you lose the password details. 

Today this read is going to be about the way to recover the wallet account. So, if you have also created a wallet account but you have lost access to it then you need to refer to this post as we are going to discuss the process to recover the wallet on this page.

The procedure to recover the wallet

The process to recover the wallet is different for Android phones and iPhones. You can approach the processes based on the type of your device that is given in the next sections.

For Android

  1. Install wallet app on your Android
  2. Now, you need to open the app on your mobile
  3. From the home screen, find and click the ‘Import wallet’ button
  4. Enter the seed phrase details
  5. Then, choose a new password for your wallet
  6. Confirm the password and tap the ‘Recover’ button

For iPhone

  1. Visit the App Store to install the wallet app
  2. Now, launch the app and click the ‘Import my wallet’ button
  3. Enter the recovery seed phrase details correctly
  4. Now, you need to choose a new password
  5. Confirm the password in the next field
  6. Find and tap the ‘Agree to the terms and conditions’ box
  7. Then, get to the ‘Recover’ button and tap on it
  8. Finally, you have recovered the wallet account on iPhone


In short, log in DeFi wallets can also be controlled with the help of the recovery phrase details. In case you have these details then recovering the wallet becomes easy for you. By following the path that we have concluded above on this page, you will be able to import the wallet on your Android or iOS device. If you have lost the secret recovery phrase details then may need to discuss this problem with the customer support agent. While entering the seed phrase details, make sure that they are in the correct order. We hope that you have learned the way to recover the wallet by referring to this post.