Timing is of Buy NBA 2K22 MT greater importance here over attribute scores. Guards who can block effectively (around 40) or an interior defense (at minimum 35) should be able to stop some shots if they have their positions and timing just right. If you're hoping to earn points quickly in NBA 2K22, ensure you get to the practice Facility and utilize the most efficient drills detailed below.

Dunks are always a source of highlights and posters for NBA 2K22. Dunk packs are more varied than ever, and they are more suited for forwards, guards and center. Different players have different dunks depending on their height, position or weight, as well as their wingspan.

Learning how to dunk and when to utilize them is a key ability to have to have in your arsenal, which will allow you to gain more points and get a psychological edge over your adversaries. There's nothing better than drilling on your opponent to get in a rush to take the lead thanks to a gigantic obstruction in their center.

This guide on dunks is so that you can learn all the basic rules, techniques and strategies to finish with confidence in the paint in NBA 2K22. There are two ways of dunking in NBA 2K22: hitting the shot button, or moving the right stick towards the rim - both while holding the trigger for Buy NBA 2K MT sprint.