When we leave a year behind, we always set new resolutions for the next year. Losing weight, quitting smoking, doing more sports, selling a house ,… are usually some of the most common wishes. Today we will focus on another common purpose: to save more money. Saving has never been an easy task, but it is not something impossible to achieve. In this article we will give you some tricks to save at home this year 2021 by reducing your household expenses every day.

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6 tips to save at home

In general, the saving rate of Spanish families is getting lower and lower due to the large consumption that takes place in these households. It is important to be aware of what it means to save and all the time you have to dedicate to this interest before putting it as a purpose for this year.

These are some of the simple tricks to help you improve the economy of your home:

Check the power consumption

Electricity is one of the most expensive and widely used supplies in a home. If you want to save money at home you should focus on this resource. To save money on the energy consumption of your home you should take into account the following tips:

  • Turn off the lights when no one is at home or in any of the rooms in your home.
  • Unplug electronics you don't use.
  • Paint the walls and ceiling in light colors to have a brighter home and use less light.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs and avoid incandescent bulbs.
  • Put the washing machine on once it is full, do not put the washing machine with a low load.
  • Install a thermometer in your house to know the real temperature. In this way you will avoid thermal sensations and you will promote savings at home by avoiding expenses on air conditioning or heating.
  • Include rugs on the floor as they work as a great thermal barrier.
  • Take advantage of the residual heat in the home, this will avoid having to put the heating on and waste energy.

Give new uses and make the most of the products

As far as possible you can give a second life to products or things in your daily life. For example, you can use glass containers as storage for other products or things in your home.

On the other hand, you should exhaust the products and make the most of them. Many times we throw things away without completely exhausting them. Being aware of the importance of rushing to the last drop is really important to save money at home. Some of the products that you can take advantage of are toothpaste, hair and facial care products, and some packaged foods such as sauces and liquids. 

Don't waste the water

The amount of water we waste every day in our home can surprise you. Many liters of water are wasted every day in Spanish homes. For this reason, you should treat with special affection these tips that we give you to save money with water:

  • If you have an old cistern, we advise you to adapt the toilet without having to completely change it to one with a double flush or interruption system.
  • When you're doing everyday tasks like cleaning your teeth, face, or hands, turn off the tap when you're not using it. 
  • When washing clothes, use cold water since the washing machine uses 90% of its energy to heat the water. And, as we have commented before, only put it when you have it at 100% of its capacity.

Control the energy efficiency of electronic devices in your home

When you are going to equip your home with new appliances it is important that you pay attention to the energy efficiency labels of these appliances. The simple fact of looking at this data will help you save energy and save money at home in the medium-long term. Appliances with an energy rating of A + or higher are the best and most efficient using the least energy. Try to buy them with the highest possible rating as they will save you money and reduce your electricity bill.

Planning the household economy

Before planning the economy of the home you must establish a budget. For this you must write down all the household expenses and review them from time to time to have a real vision of all the expenses of our family. In addition, you will be able to see in more detail where you spend the most money and where you can adjust the budget. 

You can also check the invoices for all the supplies and verify that everything is in order and there are no errors. In this way you can anticipate possible improper charges from these companies. 

Compare the prices of products and services

Time is one of the factors that you will need if you want to successfully comply with this advice. Comparing prices and features of products and services can be time consuming, but it will also save you money. You can start by reviewing the prices of your usual products in different supermarkets in the area or compare the products with other private label products and continue with the comparison of companies that offer household supplies such as electricity , internet or landline rates. .

Before going shopping, make a shopping list so as not to buy in excess. In this way, you will only buy what you need, avoiding having to throw things that expire in a short time.




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