But you just can’t go into the market and buy any BBQ Grill Bag . You may end up with a mat that will cause you more harm than good. For a perfect mat, you should consider some factors before buying. The following factors will enable you to choose the best grill mat.


Grill mats are excellent grilling tools that make it easy to grill soft foods like vegetables, eggs, and bacon. This heat-resistant grilling tool is made by combining fiberglass cloth and polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. Fiberglass cloth is an insulating material that doesn’t conduct heat well, but once it’s coated in varying amounts of PTFE it can be used on the grill.

PTFE is a synthetic polymer used to coat nonstick cookware; for instance, Teflon cookware is actually a brand name of PTFE. This coating gives the mat its nonstick capabilities and makes it easier to clean than sticky, messy grill grates. PTFE is approved for use by the FDA at temperatures under 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures could cause the mat to melt, releasing irritating fumes and potentially ruining the food.

Temperature Resistance

Consider mats that can resist high temperatures, but not beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit for safety reasons.

Correct Thickness

Many people think that the best grill mats are thick ones. Unfortunately, if a mat is too thick, the heat gets distributed unevenly. A thin mat always burns the food. Consider a mat with an average thickness of about 0.25mm.

Friction Coefficient

Consider the mat’s texture. Smooth mats are better than rough ones because they grill easily and are easy to clean. Rough textured mats are difficult to maintain because they trap in tiny food particles.


consider if you need the mat for cooking a particular type of food or all foods. Also, do you need the mat for grilling only or other purposes like placing it as your oven or baking mat? If you are the type that loves cooking all sorts of food, go for a multipurpose mat. Consider a mat you can cook other foods as you grill or roast your meat.


You wouldn’t want a mat that will last you a few months while you can get one that lasts for years. You may go for a cheaper mat because of your budget but will only last for a short time, making it expensive in the long run because you’ll have to buy another one. Consider a mat that will serve you for a long.

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