In New Vision, the relationship between players and villagers is always many, whether it is visiting them in their homes or giving them gifts. But what about those who just want to relax with the villagers? The latest free upgrade brings fans a new feature they have been looking forward to-Sit Down.

Since the release of New Horizons, Nintendo has been very happy to adopt the opinions of fans. Sitting on the beach with Pietro. Enjoy the sound of the river with Raymond. Gaze into nothingness with cocoa. Of course, you can put a cushion on the ground and sit with the villagers. ACBellsBuy provides a lot of ACNH Items for sale, you can buy it safely.

Since the November 19 update has been provided for free in New Horizons, you can sit down with the villagers. Sitting will become one of the few new reactions in the game. Turkey Day and Toy Day have also been updated, but players are more excited about these little things: new texture hair options and sitting response.

In addition to the new Sit Down animation, Nintendo has also added other ways to participate in villagers' activities, including yoga and sports. Now you can join your villagers in their morning sweat meeting in the square, but sitting down really excites people.

So how can I sit down anywhere?

Traversing is always very exciting. You can reach any place you want through the Nook Miles machine in the Resident Services Building. But you need to spend 2700 Nook Miles Tickets to purchase Hip Reaction Collection.

After obtaining the Hip Reaction Collection, open the Reaction menu, find "Sit Reaction" assign it to the Reaction Wheel, and then find the villager you want to sit next to and activate it. At this time, you can sit next to the villagers!

Fans can't wait to try this new feature. If you don't have enough ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, you can go to ACBellsBuy to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets quickly. Hurry up and unlock more sitting positions with your friends and enjoy the most beautiful time.