Recently, I have been addicted to Animal Crossing and found many animal villagers in the game. Today, I will introduce some of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing. Let's see if there are any you like!

Each villager is very cute and has a personality, but because Their appearance and personality are different, so their popularity is also different. In the latest Animal Crossing, five villagers are beloved, and other animals must have overwhelming popularity. If your favorite villagers or other items are rare in the game, then in order to improve your efficiency, you can choose to buy ACNH Bells from the ACBellsBuy site or directly Buy ACNH Items to help you get them quickly.

1. The lover of dreams - Raymond

There is no doubt that Raymond is currently one of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing, and its popularity has reached an astonishing level. Its uniqueness lies in its unique recognizable different pupil, the left eye is green, and the right eye is brown. In terms of personality, Raymond is also a gentleman in the game. He is polite and friendly. As long as he is not a grumpy villager, he can basically get along with him. However, it is worth mentioning that although Jack is very popular among players, he is not a rare villager, and he can be obtained by swiping it a few times.

2. Mature women-Ms. Judy

The popularity of Judy and Raymond fully proves that in the new version of the mobile version of the game, Judy is a mature lady (but the mantra is "you can do whatever you want in a dream"), and Judy's whole body is fan blue and purple The composition of the fur creates a pleasant gradient effect. Secondly, she is also very interested in style and fashion. She often talks about the appearance and dress of other villagers. For those who like to gossip about other villagers, she is a perfect choice.

3. The grumpy brother - Octavian

The following villagers can be regarded as the old villagers in the Animal Crossing series of games. Octavian's original body is an octopus. In Animal Crossing, the villagers' chances of discovery are random, but compared to the octopus, The probability of getting to cats or other land animals is much higher. Octavian can be said to be a very rare existence in Animal Crossing. There are only 3 species in Animal Crossing. In addition, considering Octavian's grumpy temper, combined with the red glow His appearance undoubtedly adds more cute and evil elements to him.

4. The Queen of Egypt - Ankha

Ankha can be said to be a veteran-level village name, and it has been online for many years. Her uniqueness lies in her well-designed appearance, which is largely influenced by ancient Egyptian culture, making her an iconic villager in the local game version. Ankha is arrogant and hard to be friends with people. She is also obsessed with makeup and gossip. Other villagers often judge people by their appearance. Like other arrogant villagers, Ankha gets along better with those people. Due to lifestyle and character reasons, Ankha It is difficult to make friends with those casual and lively village names.

5. Cute boy - Marshal

Marshal is a narcissistic boy, probably related to his profession (designer), and his personality is also courteous. Due to his profession and character, Marshal likes to talk about himself with other people. This may be why he is easy to get along with lively and arrogant villagers. Outgoing is his endorsement. But Marshal is very sensitive. If you do something wrong in the process of understanding, he will become passive and it is difficult to open his heart. But once you become friends, he will bring you very friendly!

The above is the introduction of five very popular villagers in Animal Crossing. They are in no particular order. Are there any villagers you like? Popular villagers are not necessarily rare, but rare villagers are not necessarily popular.

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