When you activate the printer’s Dell Printer WI-FI Light, it’s always blinking orange, but often the Dell printer’s LED flashing light didn’t work well, meaning the printer’s issues were recognized. Consequently, you can't use the WI-FI service, and this suggests that your printer isn't correctly linked to your laptop. Many numbers of consumers find themselves within the same condition and on their computer, screen get mistakes. If you furthermore may have an equivalent problem, don’t worry about it. you'll fix Dell Printer WI-FI Light Flashing Error by simply implementing Dell Printer Support Professional’s easy troubleshooting alternatives or steps.


Steps to restoration Dell Printer Wi-Fi Light Flashing Error: –


Solution 1: – Verify Scanner Unit


  • Next, you would like to get rid of any paper or protective materials inside the printer, if you discover
  • Then close up the Dell printer then activate again.
  • See the error determine, if not, then attend subsequent solution.

Solution 2: – Confirm Wi-Fi Connection

The other solution is that to verify the Wi-Fi Connection.

  • You should attempt to attend your wireless router setup and alter the channel to 1, 6 or 11.
  • Then power off the printer for 30-40 seconds, then turn it back ON.
  • Also, you ought to attempt to press the “Wi-Fi” button to clear the error.
  • Now, try again and checked whether the fault still appears. If yes, then attend subsequent solution.

Update Firmware via USB Connection: –

  • Connect your Dell printer employing a USB cable.
  • If the update package is delivered as a compressed (*.zip) file, extract all files.
  • Select your printer after the drop-down list.
  • Hit on “Update” button.
  • Next doing so, the Firmware inform on your printer.

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