Return to the staircase and proceed up to Elden Ring Runes the platform on the top. Your enemies will throw firebombs towards you in an attempt to ignite the barrels that are at the top of stairs. So, roll backwards until the explosion starts before you climb up the stairs and take out both of guards before they attack you with further bombs. On this platform you will discover a locked door that we aren't able to enter until now, but you can look to the right of this door to find Throwing Dagger x5.

Turn around and go up the next flight of stairs, where you will be greeted by a hall with the Smoldering Butterfly 3 and further explosive barrels for you to avoid. Kill the enemy on the other side, then smash the debris behind you in order to reveal another set stairs. Kill the enemy on near the end of the stairs. fall down to grab the Golden Rune [2] on the platform below you.

Then, go back up the steps and open the door on the right wall of the top platform. In this room, you can trigger a scene where the door is locked behind you, sealing you in with the black knight. The knight wears a huge shield, but his slow movement makes him highly susceptible to backstabs. Be cautious, however. There's a good chance he'll employ the Ashes of War Storm Stop skill to call up the wind, which can cause devastating damage if playing a heavily armored character.Once the knight is dead, it's time to go exploring and get you the Rusty Key and Curved Sword Talisman.

Return to the platform via the locked doors, but don't make use of the key yet. Instead, search for the big hole in the wall that lies to the left of the door. Jump up into the hole inside the wall. There you will see the St. Trina's Arrow 10. Find the enemy below, and execute them with the falling attack. Beware of an enemy with a spear to your left who can swat you with bombs and a third one who will climb onto the ladder near an upper level of Elden Ring Items for sale your staircase. After the enemies are defeated, climb the ladder to get back inside the room by using the hole in your wall.