More than 10,000 people who signed up to help deliver Covid-19 vaccinations have now taken permanent roles with the NHS in England.

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About 71,000 people took paid roles and thousands more volunteered to help with the programme which has now given more than 120 million doses.

The 11,483 who have chosen to stay in the NHS include former airline cabin crew members, gym managers and chefs.

NHS England said they would help tackle the backlog caused by the pandemic.

Tamryn Saby worked for an airline for 11 years but decided to volunteer with the vaccine programme in Cambridge and study to become a therapeutic radiographer when she was furloughed.

"I hoped that by getting involved it would help us all return to 'normal' sooner, but being part of the vaccine roll-out also helped build my confidence for a career in healthcare, and showed that by working for the NHS you can make a real difference to people's lives every day," she said.

And Kazeem Reaves Odunsi, who worked as a gym manager before becoming a vaccinator, said: "I have always loved helping people so the vaccinator role seemed like a good fit and although I don't have any clinical experience, I received training and was able to use the leadership skills and good customer service that I had learned from my previous jobs.