In other Shadowlands-related news now that Wow gold classic Blizzard has finally revealed the release of the growth this Octoberwe might also know when the Shadowlands pre-patch will fall.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is publishing internationally on October 27. Are you excited for the upcoming expansion? Are you going to start enjoying World of Warcraft once again once the pre-patch strikes? Hit the comments down below.

Patch 9.0, which will bring along the pre-expansion event combined together, you know, the expansion itself, has been around the PTR (Public Test Realm) for nearly a month already, which means it is going to make its way to reside servers any day now.

But at the same time, the simple fact that Activision-Blizzard waited this long to announce that the release date meant that I was somewhat worried that some of the more bombastic expansion launches -- such as that of this maligned Battle For Azeroth -- were a thing of the past. However, Blizzard just introduced the Bastion animated short, the first portion of the Afterlives series, which will see new episodes for all the Covenants in Shadowlands leading up to release.

And for anyone that has spent a great deal of time with the sport, and more importantly, has paid some amount of attention to the narrative, will find a lot to appreciate in this particular cinematic. Here, watch it now, because I will be spoiling the whole thing .

Based on Wowhead's overview of every one of those covenants, the Kyrian have been"tasked with shuttling spirits between the lands of the living and the dead". If you want a way more comprehensive guide to everything the Kyrian Covenant offers, Wowhead has you covered there,

Only inject World of Warcraft: Shadowlands into my veins

However, a lot of angels shepherding the souls of the dead to where they belong in the Shadowlands is pretty much precisely what I expected from a minumum of one of the covenants in Shadowlands, therefore what pulled me was which personalities were chosen to exemplify the covenant's purpose.

Blizzard centered the debut to the Kyrian covenant around Uther the Lightbringer, who is one of the most significant characters in all Warcraft. Not only was that this dude the cheap classic wow gold first paladin, but he was also the teacher of Arthas Menethil, possibly the most famous villain in Warcraft history -- you might know him as the Lich King.