Pokemon Sword on Nintendo Switch and shiny hunting in Shield can be quite a time-consuming process. Some players would hatch a huge number of eggs simply to find one! However, some players are luckier as opposed to runners because they can Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the PKMBuy store, and also Shiny Pokemon will hunt them! This is what happened to Reddit user GreyRose, who shared a video of their encounter with Shiny Zoroark.  

This video proves the potential of Shiny appearing randomly amongst games. If you get too close, it isn't uncommon for Pokemon to initiate encounters inside the Wild Area, but sometimes they could surprise the gamer. Although the Pokémon within the Wild Area is seen roaming around, the player does not know whether it is Shiny until they encounter it. Zoroark looked completely normal before the start of the battle, which has been a pleasant surprise!

Next year, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will make some major changes towards the way Pokemon meet, seemingly abandoning the encounter screen altogether to get a seamless experience. This can reduce accidental encounters this way. On the one hand, this will mean that players will never accidentally avoid an exceptionally rare Pokémon, but on the other hand, this might also bring some fun to hunt. The game will never be released until 2022, but many details can become to revealed.

Technically, Shiny Pokemon won't offer any advantages over individuals with normal colors, however, rarity causes it to be an exciting component of any player's collection. Over the years, fans have shared a lot of wonderful stories about Cheap Shiny Pokemon, and it seems unlikely that GreyRose will forget the Shiny Zoroark that pursues them!