The critics hail from a vocal minority, but one of the minority groups whose work is to be very vocal. I'm talking about madden 22 coins YouTubers, who earn a living by streaming and recording themselves playing games they say they don't like.

The sprawl of different YouTubers' focuses shows just how big the game today. There are YouTubers like Belton who share videos of their own games and there's a variety of YouTubers uploading strategies and tips; and then there are YouTubers who dedicate themselves to playing Madden.

Last fall, a TV channel called SOFTDRINKTV released a video of 14 minutes that was titled "The worst Madden of All Time," and a week later, by a 19-minute film titled "Madden NFL 22 is NOT Good - A Review." They came back to an identical well last week by releasing a video called "Everything Wrong with Madden NFL 22 (in 16 minutes)." The narration of that one opens memorably in a dramatic way: "This is the kind of game that inspires you to stick a thumbtack in your eyeballs. When you play Madden 22, the gift of life turns into one of the worst curses. It is no longer a desire to be alive. It causes existential dread."

Like any subculture, Madden includes its very own expressions of slang. Precise throws will be "lasers" (self-explanatory). The most common throw is a "dot" that means you'll get "dotted up" -- which somehow changed into "dart" (less clear). Additionally, solid defensive coverage was once "bagged," though recently I've come across YouTubers commenting on being "booked." However, the most logical one in my opinion is "mossing" someone else, which is when a receiver leaps over a corner to grab the ball from the air, inspired from Randy Moss.

But hating Madden is just an integral part of the society, even if it is a bit sexy at times. The subreddit , r/Madden, is nearly completely "rants" about why Madden doesn't work, which is usually only a short video clip of a bug or glitch. The tag #Madden22 that is on TikTok is a mix of highlights, equally part calling out the faulty plays that EA ought to fix.

Of course, if hate a video game so frequently, why continue playing it year in and year out?

The case for Andrew Belton, Madden earns him his money. The game has been played since 2005 Madden, but more crucially, YouTubing since his 2018 Madden. His channel has been growing to the point that the channel earns money from it, enough that he can move out of his parents' home and into an apartment in Brooklyn. (He also sells books using Madden tips on his Patreon website, which he estimates makes a third of his earnings.)

The concept of trash-talking wasn't born with Belton. While he's certainly the most popular person doing the same thing on YouTube for Madden video games, trash-talk clips are commonplace in other sports games such as NBA 2K. (Another kind of game Belton hates: "I thought Madden was excruciating However, 2K actually makes me... I'm unable to play it, that's because of how it upsets myself.")

For the channel, Belton plays a few games a week -- and tosses those that are boring to share. Finding the best trash-talkers to play is a skill. "I've noticed that with these people that the more rubbish they are talking about, the less effective they're at the game," Belton says. For good videos, he requires an opponent who can perform well and to be obnoxious in the best way.

Outside of creating video clips for buy mut 22 coins his YouTube channel, Belton seldom plays Madden just for fun. A majority of his time is being edited. The time for a game is less than an hour, however editing that video can take eight hours.