Yeah Sims 4 except less greedy comes to my mind also. There is too much attention on aesthetic Animal Crossing Items and decorating rather than gameplay stuff. And when there is gameplay stuff it's either reskins of old stuff or old stuff with something little different. I can understand giving vacations via upgrades because it really seems they would not have otherwise made it into the March 2020 launch date and I could understand not wanting to delay the game twice, but otherwise I would have chosen to get things like art swimming and gallery afternoon one and let the updates introduce some truly fresh things.

Yeah, aesthetic>gameplay appears to be the main problem. No shops, no particular place such as the island or town, about the one thing you can really do is decorate your own city and home. Although it's hard to understand how this game would've worked out like when the pandemic didn't happen. Like maybe the April update would have had more in it, but who knows.I can not wait to play this game for 20 minutes and then don't play it again until the next update comes out.

This. They could have just ported new leaf into the switch and had a much better end product than what's out there now.The one thing non-gamers always ask me if they visit AC is"wow, that appears so cool! Would you cook in that faucet?" And the answer is always no - everything is decorative.Anyone else only kinda. . .underwhelmed? I mean, the pumpkin farming is trendy and definitely can result in more vegetable growing later on, but aside from that. . .just some fresh Halloween decorations and handing out candy appears pretty sparse compared to what's been done in previous AC games.

The majority of the updates that have happened so far were simply to add things that were already in fresh foliage, and none of the new attributes are memorable.New Horizons only has very little engaging content IMO. Following a month of admittedly very fun times together with the game, I had little to no urge to pick up Buy Nook Miles Ticket. Vastly favor Stardew Valley.