Buying a shower enclosure that suits your needs should not be as difficult as you think, in fact, it is all just a small part of planning and preparation. There are a few different types of shower enclosures that you should be aware of before purchasing.


Pivot shower door: These doors open and close on a pivot like a regular door in your house. These types of enclosures require more space than other enclosures due to the fact that you need room to swing out the door. This can cause problems for those who have a small bathroom or en suite to fit the bathroom.


Sliding shower doors: These doors are ideal for any location where planning can be done. Doors, as the title suggests, simply slide in such a way that you don't need space to open the door. These doors provide the perfect solution for small andesite but require more maintenance than other doors so that runners or sliders need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the door slides smoothly. Continue to do. An impromptu door will finally start clinging. However, maintenance is easy and only takes a few minutes as part of the standard cleaning routine in your bathroom.


Bi-fold Shower Doors: These doors combine elements from both of the above in that they provide a solution that does not require space for a full opening so are suitable for small bathrooms but you do not need the same size for a full sliding door. 


I would suggest a visit to your local bathroom showroom that will help you get another insight into the style of the enclosure that will not only suit your needs but also compliment your new bathroom.

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