Do you like word games? Do you like word puzzles? Do you like to test your vocabulary? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love Wordle games! Wordle games are a great way to improve your word skills and test your knowledge in a fun atmosphere. They are also greatdepresssors.

If you get frustrated when you don’t know how to spell a word, or when you can’t find the right spelling of a word, play a game that makes you use your words! Wordle games and Wordle Unlimited games are the perfect way to prepare for the dictionary and spelling bee! Did you know that the word “spin-off” was first used in a popular game show? Or that there is more than one meaning of the word “diminutive”? Wordle games and Wordle Unlimited games will keep you on your toes!

Looking for some fun and unique ways to keep your kids occupied this summer? Wordle games are just the thing! These games are a great way to encourage word recognition, spelling, and vocabulary development in kids. Best of all, there are no wrong answers, so you don't have to worry about pushing your kids too hard. Depending on your kiddo, you may even find that some of these activities build patience and help them to channel their excess energy! Read on to discover our top picks of the best word games for kids and find the perfect fit for your family.

Word games for kids

1) Wordle: Wordle is a great word game for kids of all ages. The game is simple to play but has enough variety to keep you and your child entertained! It’s also a good way for parents and children who have different levels of literacy to play together. We recommend this game for children ages 5 to 8.

2) Wordle Unlimited games are fun and social. You can play them with your friends and family. Wordle Unlimited games are also a great way to learn new words and improve your vocabulary. You can play them on your own or as a group. You can play them on your phone, tablet, or computer. Wordle Unlimited games are good for you, your friends, and your family.

3) Scramble Words: Scramble Words is a fun word game that builds vocabulary skills while keeping kids engaged. This word game helps build basic grammar skills as well as allows kids to practice spelling and vocabulary words with their family members or friends. It’s recommended for ages 7-12 years old.

4) Spellaholic: Spellaholic is available on most digital devices, making it easy for kids of all ages to play the word game wherever they are! The game works by showing two words in a sentence and then giving the player 20 seconds to spell the unknown word before moving on to the next sentence. It’s best suited for children 8-14 years old and provides opportunities for building vocabulary skills, spelling, and even grammar as players advance through levels.

5) Word wars: Word wars is an educational activity perfect for families with young children who are just learning how to spell words! With this activity, players use letter tiles instead of letters in order to spell out new words during each round of play. The more letters you get your child. 

Let’s start with something simple

You can find a lot of word games online that are great for kids. All you have to do is search “wordle games” and you’ll see tons of options. One of the best ways to find a game is by age range.

Build word recognition and spelling skills

Wordle games are a fantastic way to build word recognition, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Kids are constantly looking for ways to play with their parents and these games provide a perfect distraction from the daily grind. What's more, you can use these games in any location and at any time of day - they're perfect for car rides, waiting rooms, or when you need something fun with your kids! 

Don’t have time for games? Try an activity                                                                           

Sheet! Do you feel like you don't have the time to play with your kids this summer? You’re not alone. We all get busy and have a lot of things going on. However, one thing that we are always able to find time for is an activity sheet! They are easy to make on your own and offer lots of fun activities for your children. A wordle game is a great way to keep your kids engaged in learning and playing games at the same time. Just create the list of words and let them work their way through it, playing at their own pace! Here are some possibilities:

- Number matching

- Word matching (e.g., letter tiles)

- Jumble (have them unscramble "I love my mom")

- Name matching (e.g., match names with cartoon images) 

Top word games for preschoolers

Letter Factory: This is a word-building game for preschoolers who love to make things. Kids will have fun putting letters together to spell out words that start with those letters. This game is great for kids of all ages, but be warned: your kids may quickly become addicted!

Word Scramble: This word game is perfect for those who are always working on their vocabulary. Featuring a cool design, children will have a blast trying to unscramble the scrambled word before time runs out.

Duck Duck Goose: Grab your duck and see if you can avoid the goose! In this classic game, players duck and cover as long as they can while avoiding being caught by the sneaky goose.

Cards Against Humanity: If you like to laugh at crass jokes and enjoy playing games with buddies while laughing, Cards Against Humanity is perfect for you! This card-based party game has countless different themes and tons of content that keeps players entertained for hours on end.

Scrabble Junior: A classic favorite, Scrabble Junior is the perfect way to keep your little ones busy during family downtime. Players use letter tiles in an attempt to form words across the board without going over their allotted number of tiles. What’s even better about this game? It comes with colorful wooden blocks so players can take it home once they’ve mastered the skill! 

Word games for elementary kids

A wordle game for elementary kids is one that requires the children to create a new word using letters found in the word provided to them. This can be done on an individual or group level. For example, if you have an alphabet wordle game, participants might need to think of new words based on the original letter provided. If you have a picture wordle, your child might need to create words that look like the picture provided. Another popular wordle for elementary kids is called scoot (a play on words with "scoot and talk"). The object of this game is to make as many words as possible within a certain amount of time. For example, five letters in a row will give you five points; six will give you 10 points. You'll want to keep an eye out for longer words that can rack up more points! 

Word games for middle schoolers

The best word games for middle schoolers are the ones that are both fun and educational. Here are some of our favorites:

1) Wordle - This activity is a great way to exercise vocabulary, spelling, and word recognition. To play, your child will need to find words within an alphabetical list of letters. There is also a downloadable version of this game that you can print out at home.

2) Boggle - This classic board game is perfect for developing spelling skills! Your child will need to find the words listed in their grid on the board by spelling them out letter-by-letter. The winner is the person who completes their grid first!

3) Bop It - If your child likes physical challenges like stacking cups or playing Jenga, this game is for them! To play, your child will have to use their fingers and solve various puzzles by moving objects from one place to another. It's a favorite among children 8 years old and up! 

Word games for older kids and teens

For older kids and teens, word games can be a fun way to work on vocabulary and word recognition. However, some of these games may be more challenging than others, so it's important to find the right game for your child.

Wordle This is one of our family's favorites! In Wordle, you have to make words out of the letters provided. If you get the word wrong, it gets crossed out with a line through it. For example, if "dog" (the word) is made up of 5 letters: D-O-G. If "dog" is made up of 7 letters: D-O-G-E-T-T-Y. If "dog" is made up of 9 letters: D-O-G-A-N. If "dog" is made up of 13 letters: DOGGERATORS!

This game is great for practicing spelling and vocabulary development because there are no wrong answers! Flashcards Another favorite among our family members? Flashcards! Flashcards are great for encouraging your childrens' recall skills by teaching them new words and terms in an easy way that they can understand. Plus, there's no better feeling than flipping over a new flashcard & being able to say "I know this!" Dictionary Activity Book A dictionary activity book is another way to encourage vocabulary growth in kids with a fun twist! 

Summing up

Enjoy some time as a parent and have some fun too this summer with these word games that encourage vocabulary development and more! The top word game for kids is Wordle. When your kids make their own wordle, they can be creative in the way they arrange the words. 


Wordle games are a great way to help students develop an interest in reading. They not only help develop vocabulary and spelling skills, but they are also fun, and engaging and help students remember what they read. Don't miss this fun game.