However, it wouldnt just be about getting meals and eating it, no. As soon as you reach a certain level your OSRS gold capable to dicept parts of your body such as your arms and legs in case your weak to slightly highten your hp. Why could this heighten it? Because Your stopping diseases or blood clots. Additionally at certain levels you are able to assist dicept npcs that are suffering for small rewards, such as Gold coins, half keys and perhaps even a brand new rare thing! However personally I believe this would be a good new members skill.

If you was to cut off an arm so as to put on a sheild youd need to put on a pottery arm goes for platelegs together with the walking stick. Takes 2 secconds to conduct. Oh will you look at the ankle... Thats got to come off. Now I know why they call him Shoolock. 25% likelihood at this level. If unsuccesful you shed 2healthpoints as he slaps you around the face and calls you a smelly peasent.

Rare Rewards: None. Gives you 32exp points. Hellhounds leg may be utilised in a player owned home for display if positioned on a plauge.

Dicept a Lions foot - Level 27dicepting Andourge zoo new release. Arrh that poor lions foot is very bad, a severe splinter... Youll heal the lion and as a reward the zookeeper lets you 40gold coins. You get 22 exp points. You use a knife onto a cow and in return recive shredded cowhide (Useless but therd be a man in andourge whod by for 100gp a pice) along with Buy 2107 runescape gold a bunny leg (Could be cooked at 28cooking heals 8hp)