When players first start playing Lost Ark, it offers five basic lessons to choose from that best suit their fighting style. You will experience its playstyle, lifestyle, etc. from the game, this is a brand new game that will bring you a different experience.

You explore the dark side of the Lost Ark Gold find treasures in the ancient kingdom. Along the way, you'll need multiple currencies to help you with different tasks, the most important of which is Lost Ark Gold. Use Gold to buy items in the market that will help you, while it also helps to level up the game.

How to Get More Lost Ark Gold

Generally speaking, you can obtain in-game currency through your efforts. Players can sell their crafted items in the marketplace for Lost Ark Gold, or fight bosses in Chaos Dungeon to earn loot that can be exchanged for Gold after raids.

In addition, players can also obtain Gold gifts by establishing intimate relationships with NPCs, and completing official maps, Una Quests, and Adventure Island quests are all opportunities for players to get Lost Ark Gold for free every day.

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