If you are fortunate to have a home pool, a consideration that you should not overlook is fitting and maintaining a top quality sand filter. The Pro-Series Hayward sand filters are an option that are worth checking out. Though they may not be the cheapest on the market, their superior quality and inherent reliability make them stand apart from other manufacturer's products. Please hit on pool sand filter to check more about our services.
Hayward is a company that are at the forefront of the filtration system industry. Each of their products has been designed to match user's needs and requirements. With one of their filters installed you can have peace of mind that your pool's water will remain clear of debris down to a size of forty microns. No matter what environment you live in, rest assured you will not have to worry unnecessarily about your pool becoming too dirty to use.
The company's sand filters are suitable for all kinds of pools, this includes small and big, outdoors and indoors. Excellent feedback has been given for almost every pool size and shape. It is no surprise to discover that Hayward is the market leader. There are a number of reasons why these filters stand apart from others on the market, for example they employ an ovoid-shaped diffuser to help improve efficiency.
Most filtration systems generally work less effectively over time. With this company's products this problem is slow to develop. The patented self-cleaning ability inherent in the design means that they do not become overly clogged with debris. Featuring rotary components, water is filtered and drained more efficiently than the norm.
Another way in which this filter system stands out from the rest is in its composition. It is made from material that is incredibly resilient and practically damage proof. It can work seamlessly for many seasons without any deterioration in effectiveness. What's more, it does not add toxic chemicals to your pool's water.
Another advantage is the ergonomic design. Even those homeowners who are not known for their DIY skills should have no problem assembling the components and installing the system. Maintenance is also straightforward and can be done with the least amount of effort.
The main caution when using Hayward sand filters is to ensure that the water alkaline level does not fall below normal. As the valves are metallic, they can easily corrode if the water has the wrong pH level. That being said, this is a minor issue and not one that most pool owners need to be too greatly concerned about.