If you've never played the game before, the Galar region is usually tricky, there are several tips and tricks, and more than 400 Pokemon to build your team with. Many of you may get Sword and Shield at Christmas, so who is the best starter Pokemon? This is our comment. 

With a monkey-like appearance, Grookey evolved into Thwackey, last into Rillaboom. If you like Grookey, you can choose PKMBuy to buy. There is a lot of the latest Pokemon in Sword and Shield that happen to be also grass-type Pokemon, and many grass species are satisfied at the outset of the game. 

Grookey will not be inclined to learn all kinds of movements, mainly normal movements, and grass movements. It can learn some combat-type movements through TM, for example, low kick and drain punch. Therefore, it's still at a disadvantage in comparison with many Pokemon.

Although the second stadium director is a water type, the third is a fire type. This means that Grookey may be the most challenging of such three. If you like to challenge and switch which Pokemon to utilize, this can be your best choice.

After switching for the water-type starter in Sword and Shield, Sobble was touted as one of the most luxurious products before launch. Sobble is usually a water lizard Pokemon, which later evolved into the Drizzile , lastly into Intel Inteleon.  

Water-type Pokemon to be a safe choice, seeing as there are almost no real good water Pokemon within the wild, there will be more options in sword and shield, Shiny Pokemon is one of them. But when I rank one other option, you do not find the tier water Pokemon until later in the game. Water TM is usually hard to find.

Since the first gym leader in the gym is grass-type, Sobble is already at a disadvantage. The leader of the second stadium is also a water-type person. He didn't learn a lot of good moves until the later Inteleon level. 

If you don't want to do a lot of exploration in the Wild Area or fishing water Pokemon, then Sobble is a good choice. Your choices are not limited until late in the game.