There are a wide variety of Buy NBA 2K22 MT dunks to choose from in NBA 2K22. It is your choice to play around with it and enjoy winning games. Enjoy and celebrate, especially in the event that you can perform the flashy dunk that can give you a psychological edge over your opponent afterward.

To stand a better likelihood of dumping the ball instead of playing an easy layup, make sure you are using the right stick to perform the moves that will stop the computer from forcing your player to go for a layup.

If you play NBA 2K22, you'll notice that the computer-controlled elements lean towards executing a layup or dunk, based on different factors that include the player's position, opponent's position, and the angle from which to attack the paint. The game requires the player in the offensive position to have the best shot in the particular situation.

To disable the dunk meter, you need to pause the game then go to Settings where you will find Control Settings. This is where you can turn off the dunk meter by switching on the Shot Timing on Shots Only without the dunks and layups. You can conserve these settings to use in later games if you'd like to save them.

We sat down with Erick Boenisch, Executive Producer of NBA 2K22, to discuss the development of social zones and the future for the franchise, and else in this Dexerto Exclusive interview.

NBA 2K22 has continued to shake things up for the 2K Games basketball franchise, offering a whole new style of social space for next-gen players at The City, along with making numerous other major enhancements.

This constant improvement is important to developers to keep moving the game forward each year. And according to the Executive Producer for the game, there's still more to come.

In the beginning of 2K games there was no space to speak of for players to gather, play matches, or see the other's hand-crafted players. As the game developed it became a crucial area of focus for developers, according to Boenisch.

"The City is an exciting, ambitious and thrilling implementation of a basketball virtual community that allows players to participate in every aspect of the game taking it beyond the professional hardcourts to highlight the rich history of basketball," The official added.

"We have also seen the potential to make The City a place for players to not just personalize their experience, but also interact to other gamers. The fusion of RPGs and sports elements has made for a perfect balance that is well-received the players."

2K has managed to accomplish this accomplishment over several years. They have slowly added more and more RPG elements to let players feel as if they're actually living the life of a professional athlete, whether it be through cashing endorsement checks or buying new kicks.

A major part of making this experience so immersive and dynamic as it is possible was the implementation of Seasons which "provide players with new experiences and challenges throughout during the entire year."

The seasons have affected all modes of NBA 2K22 however perhaps less than MyCareer, where players now can use battle passes to play through, seasonal drops, and a lot more elements of modern games that fit seamlessly into games in the 2K universe.

But, even though 2K22 took huge strides forward but developers are still convinced that there's room to improve regardless of whether they were in a position to go into details. The biggest thing that changed in 2K22 was more than the fact that the current and next-gen consoles had completely distinct social environments, but each had so much more life than the year before.

It was mostly due to new hardware possibilities and also because the team behind the game has been relentless in pushing these elements of RPG forward. What does this suggest for the direction of 2K's franchise? Without giving too much away, Boenisch shared the dev team's thoughts on what the near future will bring for 2K.

"While we're unable to nba2king legit give specifics regarding what we're currently working on, our focus is to provide our players with an enjoyable and engaging experience that is a reflection of the basketball culture... In any game released annually there's always an extensive list of features that we examine every year, and must focus on and prioritize," he said. "For us, gameplay is the main focus and we're always looking for methods we can use to enhance the experience our players get."