HOWEVER, now I have a lot more enjoyable playing. If I like a boss I can kill it, even when profit is garbage. If I like a costly skill (I really like herblore) I can do it, and it does not even matter if I play efficiently. Wealth on OSRS Gold for sale RS is very much like wealth irl. Is time. You no longer have to manager your time so that you could afford to purchase or do particular things, you get to spend your time doing things you enjoy, regardless of the cost, and that's really quite pleasurable.

Existential crisis time, merching makes an absurd quantity of money and I'm not considering rares so that really lowers the bar for running out of things to get. Not there will not take long. Guess I'll go comp and do logs just like everyone else is doing. I feel you. I'm eventually planning to max and then self since I've just purchased everything I care about and using rares for no other motive than to make MORE money I do nothing with almost murdered Runescape for me.

Returning to runescape. How good is it? What are the main differences?

I have not played in a long time. I stopped right after the grand exchange was inserted. I burnt out on it and lost interest. I have a few questions. Back when I played, you didn't really need a membership until about level 45 (I believe ), is that still correct? Can this wilderness? There's a literally not enough words to explain how you need to catch up (in case you want that ofc).

There are tons of new quests, player abilities, new areas to explore and new pvming supervisors. Btw yes RS3 is much more of a pvm game than pvp. Since no one wants to risk items that required them 15 hours to get from a boss so unfortunately pvp in this game is dead. I'd recommend OSRS, if nostalgia or pvp content is exactly what youre looking to get out of the experience. If however, you are open to the newest changes in this game or if u fancy lore, updated/modernized gameplay compared to the infamous old runescape ability beats then RS3 is Runescape for you to stay.

If you enjoy the PVP and the feel of this 2007 style Runescape system, I would say go with OSRS. If quests and PVM are more important for you personally and you like the EOC system, I would say RS3 might be the better option for you. You may also swap into the heritage system in RS3. I swap once I get tired of RS3 and play OSRS and then I keep playing with RS3 if that gets boring. Individuals who argue to be superior are delusional. They only waste time but at the end of the day, everyone always will have their own preferences and opinions. Do not get sucked into it and play any version of Runescape, so you can decide.

The upsidedown, is RS3 has going for it as far as endgame goes, and the road getting there is much smoother compared to old school rs. Microtransactions have entered Runescape as you could just buy your way to 99/120 in this way that trivializes training certain annoying abilities. If microtransactions get your platelegs / skirt at a twist, you can always play Ironman mode where there's no option for purchasing your way into some 99, but you also can't exchange players. Overall the only reason I do not play with school, is because I've sunk almost 10,000 hours in this match. I really don't feel like doing it just for cheap RS gold the nostalgia.